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Using the Knowledge Base

Keeping's Knowledge base allows you to store snippets, templates, or canned answers across your entire team.

What is the Knowledge Base?

The Keeping Knowledge Base is where you can store answers to frequently asked questions. This allows for one-click insertion into your Gmail replies.
If your team gets the same questions over and over again, the Knowledge Base can be a big time saver. As an admin, it can also help ensure that your team is responding to your customers in a common and consistent way.
Good to know: Information stored in the Knowledge Base is only accessible by your agents. It is meant to be an internal resource that your team can modify and share as needed.

Adding a New Entry

Go to your Keeping settings page, and choose "Knowledge Base" from the right menu. In the upper right corner, click "Add New FAQ".
Click "Add New FAQ" to add a new question/answer to your Knowledge Base.
Use the "Question" field to identify the snippet or question. In the "Answer", insert the text you'd like to be able to quickly insert into a Gmail response.
Enter your answer to later easily insert into a Gmail response.
At this time you cannot add images or other attachments to a Knowledge Base answer.

Editing an Entry

On your list of Knowledge Base answers, find your entry and click on it to expand it. Once expanded, click the pencil icon to edit your question and answer.
Click the pencil icon to edit a Knowledge Base answer.

Organizing Your Knowledge Base

You can assign one or more labels to any entry to better organize your Knowledge Base. Once a label is assigned to an entry, you can then filter your Knowledge Base by that label
Use labels to organize your Knowledge Base

Inserting an Entry into a Response

Once you've added an entry into your Knowledge Base, you can insert it into a Gmail response with a few clicks. When responding to a ticket, click the "lightning bolt" icon to browse your Knowledge Base.
Use the lighting bolt icon to bring up your knowledge base.
Choose your response and click the "Insert" button to automatically insert it into the email. Use the "Label" dropdown to filter your answers.
Insert an Instant Reply into a Gmail reply.