Creating a new ticket

Send an email to your customer from your shared mailbox and create a new support ticket in one go.

Use the "New ticket" button on the left sidebar to create a ticket and email your customer from your support mailbox. By default, when you create a new ticket its status is "Pending". You can adjust this default in your Mailbox settings.

How to Create a New Ticket

In Gmail or the Web Portal, click the "New Ticket" button to begin.

Choose the mailbox you'd like to send the new ticket from. This is the mailbox and email address that will send your message to your customer. Enter the email addresses of your customer. Use the "cc" link if you would like to include additional people on the ticket.

Enter your message in the space below the --- DO NOT EDIT THE "TO" FIELD AND WHAT'S ABOVE THIS LINE --- Please don't edit anything above this marker or change the "to" email address. Feel free to change or edit the subject.

After you hit "Send", your message will be sent to your support customer as well as each member of your team.

Change the Default Status of a New Ticket

By default, any new ticket you create will have a "Pending" status. If your customer replies it will be changed to "Open". If you wish, you can change this default behavior in your mailbox settings.

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