Connect a web form

How to connect a web form directly to Keeping.

If you have "Contact Us" or similar form on your website, you can use your Keeping forward address as a destination. You can also continue to send your web form email to your shared inbox and let Keeping sync it from there.

If you're not there already, navigate to the settings page for your mailbox by clicking the pencil icon on the mailbox settings page.

Choose "Set up Forwarding"

Copy your unique Keeping forwarding email address to your clipboard by clicking on the icon to the right of the address.

Copy your Keeping Forwarding Address

Login to the admin settings for your web form

Login to the admin settings for your web from, and use your Keeping Forwarding Address as the destination for your web form.

Make sure that the Reply-To is set to your customer's email address so that when you reply it goes to your customer and not back to your shared mailbox.

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