Sharing a ticket

Learn how to share a read-only version of an email conversation outside of Keeping.

Sharing a Ticket Basics

At times, it's necessary to share an email conversation with individuals outside your Keeping organization. The Share Conversation feature in Keeping enables you to generate a unique link, providing access to a read-only version of the support conversation.

  1. Open the Keeping ticket you would like to share.

  2. Click on the Share button in the upper right corner of your Gmail view.

  3. Click on the Copy link button.

  4. To provide access, share the link through email, Slack, or any other preferred communication platform.

When a conversation is accessed via a shared link, viewers will see a read-only version of the conversation. This includes Notes, Activity, assignments, and other ticket metadata, without the ability to edit or modify any details.

Keeping does not generate a shareable link to your message until you click the Share button on a Keeping ticket. If you'd like to reset the link after it has been generated, click the Reset link button.

Keep in mind that once a link is generated, a Keeping conversation is viewable by anyone with access to the link. Use the Reset link button if you would like to remove access.

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