Mobile & web access

Keeping has a fully responsive web portal that makes it easy to access your Keeping tickets while on the go.

Using the Web Portal

In order to access Keeping on your mobile device, visit in your mobile browser. After you sign-in, you'll have complete access to your Keeping inbox.

Good to know: You can also access this website on your computer or desktop if you'd prefer to use Keeping outside of Gmail. Just visit the same URL in Chrome.

Add A Home Screen Bookmark

In both Android and iOS, you can add a bookmark on your device's home screen in order to have quick access to Keeping.

  • On iOS, open mobile Safari and visit your Keeping mobile inbox at the url above. Then click the "Share" icon at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a box with an arrow point up), and choose "Add to Home Screen."

  • For Android, visit your Keeping mobile inbox at the url above in the Chrome app. Then tap the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right-hand corner), and tap "Add to Home Screen".

Using Keeping inside the mobile Gmail App

Due to technical limitations imposed by Google, we cannot offer the same rich set of features inside the Gmail App on Android or iOS. For now, please use the web portal to access your Keeping tickets on your Android or iOS device.

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