Private notes

Learn about using private notes to store extra information about a ticket that only your team can see.

What are Notes?

Notes are only viewable by your team and offer a way to provide more context or information about request. By using the @ symbol and a teammates name, you can trigger a notification so the ticket is brought to their attention.

Notes are a great way to discuss a ticket without forwarding around email. And your note will always be linked to the ticket, so it can be a great way to add important history or information to a ticket.

Access Notes in Gmail

Click the "Notes" tab in the right sidebar to see notes for a ticket. A counter indicator will show how many notes there are for a ticket.

Using "@mentions"

Any team member that has access to a ticket can be "@mentioned" in the note. When you do so, they will receive a notification. The ticket will also move into their main Gmail inbox (if you have the feature enabled). See more on that below.

Pushing tickets into inbox

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