Use Zapier to connect Keeping to hundreds of other tools.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online platform that helps you automate workflows by connecting your apps and services you use. With Zapier, you can connect Keeping to hundreds of other tools like Google Sheets, Pipedrive, Trello, or Slack.

You'll need to set up an account on Zapier before you can connect it to Keeping. Zapier has a generous free plan along with paid plans.

Currently, Keeping supports Zapier integrations that move your support ticket data FROM Keeping TO other tools. In the future we plan to support integrations that allow you to create and update tickets inside Keeping.

Example Zapier Integrations

Update Slack when a new ticket arrives

Create a Keeping integration with Zapier and Slack so that you are notified in a Slack channel when a new ticket is created. Or go a step further and notify individual users in Slack when they are assigned a ticket.

Keep a log of all support tickets in Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets and Zapier to keep a log of your support tickets. When a new ticket is created, add a row to a spreadsheet with whatever data you like.

Update a customer record in your CRM when a new ticket is created

When a new ticket arrives, create or update an entry in your CRM to keep all of your customer data in one place. For example, you could connect Keeping to Pipedrive with Zapier.

Turn new assigned ticket into Asana tasks

When a new ticket is assigned, create a task in Asana (or any other project management tool) to keep track of it's progress.

How to Connect Keeping to Zapier

Create an account on Zapier

If you haven't already, you'll need to create an account on Zapier.

Create your first Zap

In Zapier, an integration between two applications is called a "Zap". Navigate to your Zapier Dashboard and click "Create a Zap"

Create a Keeping trigger

Search for "Keeping" and then select the event you would like to trigger this integration. A trigger is the action in Keeping that will send data to your other application (like Slack).

Connect Zapier to Keeping

Connect Zapier to Keeping by copying your secret API Key. Back in Keeping, navigate to the Zapier integrations page. You can find this by clicking "Integrations" from your Keeping settings page, and then the "Connect" tab inside the Zapier integration.

Generate your API Key

Click "Generate API Key", and then "Reveal API Key" once it's created. Copy this value - you'll need it back over in the Zapier app.

Keep your API Key secret! If shared publicly, a malicious actor could use it to access your support ticket data.

Add your API key into Zapier

Copy the API Key from Keeping into Zapier

Test your connection

Choose your mailbox and click "Test Your Trigger". If you have any trouble here feel free to get in touch at and we'll lend a hand.

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