Inviting users

Learn how to invite your team to Keeping.

What are Agents?

In Keeping, an "Agent" is a user that can reply to support tickets. You'll need to invite an agent to your organization before they can see and reply to support tickets. Once a user accepts the invite, they will receive an email which invites them to join your organization.

You can determine if an agent has admin permissions when you invite them.

Each agent you invite to Keeping must have an address provided by Gmail, Google Workspace, or GSuite.

Inviting an Agent

Go to the agents area in Keeping's settings

Navigate to the agents area in Keeping's settings. Once there, click on the "Invite Team Member" button in the upper right.

Invite the agent

Enter in the email address for your agent, along with their first and last names. You can also adjust their role (Admin or Agent), and which mailboxes they will have access to once they join. Click "Send Invitation" once you are done.

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