Custom domains

What is a custom domain?

When you connect your shared mailbox to Keeping using forwarding, Keeping sends support mail to your customers on your behalf. So while your customers will always receive email from your shared mailbox's email address, some email providers append a via in the header of your reply.

If you'd like to remove the via from your support mail replies, Keeping offers the ability to set up a custom domain. This requires that you have the ability to add two TXT records to your DNS settings. Once configured, the via will be removed from all replies to your customers.

If you use "Sign in with Google" to connect your mailbox to Keeping, you do NOT need a custom domain.

Setting up a custom domain

You, or someone in your organization, will need to be able to access your DNS settings for your domain in order to set up a custom domain.

  1. Contact Keeping support at to request a custom domain.

  2. We'll supply two TXT records to add to your DNS settings.

  3. Login to your domain or DNS provider, and add these into your DNS settings.

  4. Reply back to Keeping support once completed.

  5. We'll make the final changes on our end once the settings are confirmed in our system.

How do custom domains work?

When you request a custom domain, we'll supply you with a SPF and DKIM records. Email providers (ISPs) use SPF and DKIM records to confirm that you have approved the sending of email from a specific third party (such as Google or Keeping).

In most cases, Keeping works fine without a custom domain. However, if your organization has implemented a DMARC policy of reject or quarantine, then a custom domain is essential. This is because these policies tell other ISPs that you do NOT approve of any email sent from domains without appropriate SPF and DKIM records, and replies sent via Keeping could end up in your customer's spam folder.

Read More: SPF and DKIM Explained (on

Do I need a custom domain if I connect my mailbox directly to Keeping?

If you use "Sign in with Google" to connect your mailbox to Keeping, then you do NOT need a custom domain. This is because Keeping is sending email directly from your own domain and it will never show up with the via callout.

Is there an extra charge or fee for a custom domain?

Nope! Custom domains are offered for all plans free of charge.

Still have questions? Then drop us a line at and someone will jump in to lend a hand.

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