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Creating an SLA

How to create an SLA in Keeping.
In Keeping's settings, click on Automations in the main navigation in the left sidebar.

Creating a New SLA

Click "Add SLA" to create a new SLA

Add a New SLA

Name the SLA and choose which mailbox it runs on

An SLA can only run on a single mailbox. If you need the same SLA to run on multiple mailboxes, create an SLA for each mailbox.
Name your SLA and choose your mailbox

Set the conditions which trigger the SLA

An SLA must have a single time-based condition, either "First response time" or "Resolve time". You may also optionally add one or more additional conditions which must match before an SLA Violation is triggered.
Set the rules under which the SLA is triggered

Configure the actions that get triggered on an SLA Violation

When the conditions you set are triggered, a special "SLA Violation" tag is applied to the conversation. In addition, you may choose additional actions to run when the SLA violation is triggered.
The SLA Violation tag is a special tag that cannot be removed or edited as part of Keeping's tag feature.
Choose what actions run when your SLA is triggered.

Review and activate

Review your SLA and click "Activate" to set in motion.
Note that SLAs are only applied to new conversations that originate after the SLA is created or updated.
Activate your new SLA