SLA actions

SLA Actions run when an SLA Violation occurs

What are SLA actions?

When an SLA Violation occurs (based on the conditions you set), the "SLA Violation" tag is applied to the conversation. You may optionally add additional actions to run.

SLA Violation Tag

The SLA Violation tag is applied to a ticket when an SLA rule is triggered. The SLA Violation tag cannot be edited or removed from a ticket once it is set.

Use Keeping's filters if you would like to see all the tickets with the SLA Violation.

Additional Actions

In addition to applying the SLA Violation tag, you may choose to apply other actions after an SLA Violation occurs.

  • Assign to - Assign the ticket to one (or more) agents when the SLA Violation occurs. For example, you may want to assign the ticket to a manager or team member.

  • Notify - Push a desktop notification to the user you choose when the violation occurs. Note, the user must have enabled desktop notifications for this to take effect.

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