Shared drafts

Learn how to use the Shared Drafts feature in Keeping.

What are shared drafts?

The Shared Drafts feature in Keeping allows for collaborative email responses. Once enabled for a mailbox, all draft replies become instantly accessible to team members with permissions to that mailbox, facilitating teamwork and ensuring unified communication.

How to Enable Shared Drafts

To activate Shared Drafts for your mailbox:

  1. Click on the Mailboxes option in the main navigation.

  2. Open the settings for your mailbox by clicking the pencil icon.

  3. Scroll down to find the Shared Drafts option.

  4. Toggle the option to enable Shared Drafts.

  5. Remember to save your changes.

Using Shared Drafts in Gmail

When replying to a Keeping ticket in Gmail, you may click the share icon to share a copy of your reply with your team.

Once shared, any agent with access to the mailbox can see your changes in real time, and request to TAKE OVER to make their own edits.

Using Shared Drafts in the Web UI

When enabled for a mailbox, any draft reply created in the Web UI is automatically shared with your team. However, only one agent can edit a draft at any given time. To edit a draft, click TAKE OVER. This action will lock the draft, preventing other users from making edits.

Deleting a Shared Draft

When the Shared Drafts feature is activated for a mailbox, only one draft can exist per conversation in the Web UI. Consequently, if a draft is removed, it is permanently deleted for the entire team.

To delete a shared draft, click the trash can icon.

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