Changing ticket status

How to change the status of a ticket using the Keeping sidebar or when replying to a ticket.

Status Basics

In Keeping, every ticket has one of three statuses:

  1. Open tickets indicate the ticket is waiting for action. New tickets are automatically set as Open when they arrive in your mailbox.

  2. Pending tickets are waiting on something. Set a conversation to Pending if you’re waiting to hear back from a customer, or you just need time to gather more information.

  3. Closed tickets are solved conversations. Set the status to Closed when you’re finished working with the customer, and you consider the case to be resolved. By default, a ticket is automatically closed when you reply (you can change this in your mailbox settings).

  4. Discarded tickets are emails that you do not want included in your mailbox history. When you discard a ticket, it's removed from the mailbox statistics and it cannot be assigned or prioritized.

If your mailbox is connected via the "Sign in with Google" method, you can also choose to mark a discarded ticket as spam. Doing so will mark the message as spam in your source mailbox.

If a customer replies back to a Pending or Closed ticket, the status will automatically be changed to Open. It’s not possible to edit existing status options, or add custom values to the status menu. We suggest using tags for that.

Using the Sidebar

You can manually set the status for a ticket by using the right sidebar. You can do this at anytime if you need to update the status of a ticket.

When Replying

By default, a ticket is automatically closed when you reply (you can change this in your mailbox's settings). You can override this default behavior by using the "Keeping Button" to send your response and then choosing:

  • Send & close to send your response and close the ticket.

  • Send & pending to send your response and move the ticket to a pending status.

  • Send & open to send your response and keep the ticket open.

When Selecting Multiple Tickets

When viewing a list of tickets in Gmail (or in the Web Portal), select one or more to change a large group of tickets at once. After you have enabled "multi-select mode" in Gmail, use the top menu bar to change the status en masse.

Using a Workflow

Finally, you can also automatically change the status of a ticket using a Workflow. With a Workflow, you can set a rule to match on when a ticket arrives, and then automatically change the status. This is great for keeping your inbox tidy. Read more in our Workflows help section.

What are Workflows?

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