Round Robin assignment

Learn how to Round Robin ticket assignment works in Keeping.

What is Round Robin ticket assignment?

Round Robin ticket assignment ensures tickets are evenly distributed among team members in a rotating order. For instance, with a team of 3 agents, Jessie, Larry, and Mary, the first ticket is assigned to Jessie, the second to Larry, and the third to Mary. The fourth ticket cycles back to Jessie, and so forth.

Round Robin assignment is available in Keeping's Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Creating a Round Robin Workflow

Round Robin assignments are created inside Keeping's automation system, called Workflows.

What are Workflows?

Set the conditions when the Round Robin workflow should run

To set up a Round Robin workflow, start by creating a new workflow. Specify the conditions for when a ticket should be assigned via Round Robin. Typically, you would set up a workflow that triggers when the initial email is received and runs on every email.

Creating a Round Robin assignment

Set Round Robin assign as the action

Select Round Robin assign as the action, and specify the agents to be excluded from the Round Robin pool. Any agents you add to the All agents except field will be skipped when the Workflow runs.

Set Round Robin assign as the action

Review the Workflow and activate it

Review your workflow and click Activate to initiate it.

Review Round Robin Assign Workflow

Things to know about Round Robin assignment

Round Robin assign will only run on unassigned tickets. If an agent is already assigned to a ticket, the Workflow will not reassign it (or add an additional assignment) to the next agent in the Round Robin pool.

Agents in the Round Robin pool are ordered by how long they have been in the organization, from oldest to newest.

If an agent joins an organization after a Round Robin assignment has been created, they will be automatically added to the pool (unless they are explicitly excluded).

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