Connect a Gmail Alias

Use Gmail's filters and forwarding to use an existing Gmail Alias with Keeping.
Keeping is fully compatible with Gmail Alias email addresses for shared mailboxes. This short tutorial explains how alias email addresses are treated and how to register them.

What is a Gmail Alias?

Aliases are alternate email addresses that point to an existing Gmail address. For example you may have setup [email protected] as an alias on your actual email address (e.g. [email protected]) so that you directly receive support emails.
We refer to the email account that receives the messages as the ‘Parent’ account.
It’s important to note that aliases do not have login credentials and are managed via the parent account.

Setting up a Mailbox with an Alias

The process is identical to normal Gmail forwarding, with the important difference that you'll login to the parent account to setup forwarding (as it receives emails sent to the alias ) and setup a filter that redirects your alias emails to Keeping. Let's do that now.

In Gmail, sign into the Parent account for the Alias

Sign into your parent account in Gmail

Access the settings page for the Parent account

Access settings in your parent account

Add a New Forwarding Address

Navigate to "Forwarding and POP/IMAP", and click "Add a Forwarding Address"
Add a forwarding address

Copy your unique Keeping forwarding address

Copy your unique Keeping email address for the mailbox you've already created. You can find this on your mailboxes page in the Keeping settings.
Access your mailbox settings
Click the "Set Up Forwarding" link
Copy the forwarding address

In the Parent account, enter in your forwarding address

Back in your Gmail settings, paste this address into the settings for your forwarding.
Add your unique email address to Gmail's forwarding

Confirm the forwarding

Click Next and OK - Gmail will now send an email to confirm your forwarding settings. Since your shared mailbox address is an alias, this confirmation will arrive in your Parent account. Once it arrives, open that email and click the link to confirm forwarding.
Find the forwarding confirmation email in your parent account

Create a filter in the Parent account

Once confirmed, it's time to go back to your Gmail settings in your Parent account, and this time choose the Filters tab (1). Click "Create a new Filter" (2).
Create a new filter in your parent account.

Filter email to your Alias email address

In the TO field, enter your alias email address and click on ‘Create filter with this search’.
Enter your alias email in the "To" field

Forward email to your Keeping email

Then on the second screen, (1) tick ‘Skip the inbox‘ and (2) select to forward it to your Keeping email address. then click on ‘Create Filter'.
Skip the inbox and forward it to your Keeping email address
After you create your Gmail filter your mailbox is connected. Send a test email to your shared inbox to make sure you are seeing new tickets in Keeping.