Google Permissions

Learn about the permission Keeping needs to sync support email to your account.

Why does Keeping need permission to my Gmail account?

Keeping provides shared mailbox functionality built on top of Gmail. Shared Mailboxes are a way to manage shared email very easily right from Gmail. When a new email comes to a shared mailbox, this email is shared with everyone who is part of the shared mailbox.

Keeping uses the Gmail API to fetch an email from the source Gmail account and then push this email to all the recipients who are part of the shared mailbox. The section below describes how the following scopes are used by Keeping to provide the shared mailbox functionality.

Google audits Keeping on an annual basis to ensure we are using these permissions correctly.

Description of the permission used


To insert email into the Gmail accounts which are part of the Shared Mailbox. When an email needs to be copied to a Gmail account, insert is required.


Keeping may add or remove dedicated Gmail labels to sort your Keeping tickets.


To modify the labels (user labels and system labels) in an email or a conversation. This allows Keeping to move emails from one label to another and provide a workflow for the user.


To get the email headers and the email body. Keeping looks at the email headers to identify emails that need to be shared. If sharing is required, the email is downloaded as an encrypted blob on our server, then pushed into the Gmail accounts it needs to be shared with.


To send an automated response for the emails in the Keeping shared mailbox.

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