Assigning a ticket

Learn how to assign a ticket to one or more of your agents.

Ticket Assignment Basics

Assigning tickets lets you give agents ownership of tickets within Keeping, and easy access to see all that others are working on at any given moment.

You may assign more than one agent to a single ticket if you choose.

There are a variety of ways to assign a ticket inside Keeping, read on to learn more.

Using the Sidebar

When viewing a ticket in Gmail or the Web Portal, you can assign one or more agents using the dropdown. You can remove an agent by hovering over their name and clicking the small "x" that appears.

When Selecting Multiple Tickets

When viewing a list of tickets in Gmail (or in the Web Portal), select one or more to change the assignment of a large group of tickets at once. After you have enabled "multi-select mode" in Gmail, use the top menu bar to change the assignments en masse.

Automatically When Replying

By default, Keeping will assign a ticket to the agent that replies. You can change this default behavior in the settings for the mailbox. You can also assign the ticket automatically to the agent when they reply.

Using a Workflow

Finally, you can also automatically assign a ticket using a Workflow. With a Workflow, you can set a rule to match on when a ticket arrives, and then automatically assign the ticket to one or more agents. Read more in our Workflows help section.

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