Sign in with Google

When and how to use "Sign in with Google" to connect a shared mailbox to Keeping.

When to use "Sign in with Google"

Choose "Sign in with Google" if your mailbox is a dedicated Gmail account where the email address is the same as your support mailbox's address.
This option is the easiest way to connect your mailbox to Keeping and it offers the fastest sync between your shared mailbox and agents.
Security and privacy are a top priority for Keeping. We regularly undergo a rigorous security audit by the respected cybersecurity firm Bishop Fox. Contact us if you'd like to know more.
Keeping will ask for permission to access the email in your shared mailbox. Keeping needs this permission to sync your Gmail shared mailbox to your Keeping agents.

Connect to Google

Click the "Sign in with Google" button. Google will ask for the email and password of your Gmail account.
Good to know: Keeping never sees or stores the password to your Gmail account. When you sign-in with Google, Google provides Keeping with a one time token that is securely encrypted and stored. You can revoke this at any time.
Sign in With Google
Use your shared mailbox address
After you successfully login with Google, your mailbox is connected. Any message that arrives in this Gmail account will be sync'ed to Keeping immediately.
Provide access to your shared mailbox