Enabling Satisfaction Ratings

How to enable Satisfaction Ratings (CSAT) in Keeping.

In Keeping's settings, click on Satisfaction Ratings in the main navigation in the left sidebar.

Satisfaction Ratings are currently in early access. Please email support@keeping.com if you would like to join the early access program.

Enable Satisfaction Ratings

1. Click Satisfaction Ratings in the left navigation.

2. Check the Enable Satisfaction Ratings checkbox.

Choose your CSAT Widget Rating Text and Design

You may choose from 5 preexisting CSAT designs, or customize your own.

pageCustomizing the CSAT widget

Choose when the CSAT Rating widget should appear

You may choose to have your CSAT rating widget appear on every response to your customers, or only when they use the Send & Close feature when replying to a customer.

If you choose On every reply, then every message sent by your agents will include a CSAT rating widget at the end of their reply.

Enable the CSAT widget for the selected mailboxes

If you have multiple shared mailboxes in Keeping, you can choose which mailboxes can have your CSAT widget applied to agent responses.

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