Enable an autoreply

Learn how to use an autoreply to automatically respond to your customer's first message.

Use an autoreply if you'd like to automatically send your users a message when they email your support mailbox.

Keeping will only send one auto reply per 24 hours per customer. So if your customer emails you 5 times in one 24 hour period, they will only receive one autoreply.

Create Your Automatic Reply

Receipt Confirmations are set on a per mailbox basis, so if you have multiple mailboxes you'll need to set and enable the receipt confirmation for each mailbox.

Navigate to the settings page for your mailbox by clicking the "pencil" icon next to your mailbox name.

On your mailbox settings page, scroll to the bottom click the checkbox next to "Enable Automatic Replies", and then enter the message you want to send to your customer.

At this time you cannot include images or attachments in a receipt confirmation message.

Don't forget to hit save when you are done!

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