Quick start for admins

Learn how to get a shared mailbox connected on Keeping.

The Basics

Once connected, Keeping syncs all new emails arriving at your shared Gmail inbox with your teams' individual Gmail accounts. When your customer emails you at your shared email address, Keeping turns that email into a trackable ticket and then forwards a copy to each agent.

In Keeping, a mailbox is an email address where your customers already contact you. It might be something like help@company.com or info@company.com. An agent is a team member who may be called on to respond to your customers.

In this guide, we'll set up your first mailbox.

Connect Your First Mailbox

Go to Your Mailbox Settings

In your Keeping Settings, click on Mailboxes in the left navigation.

Create a New Shared Mailbox

Click on the Create a New Shared Mailbox button.

Enter Shared Mailbox Details

Enter the name and email address for this shared mailbox. Your shared mailbox should be an existing email address. It may be a Google Group, Google Workspace account, or other email address.

Remember that the Mailbox Name will be shown to your customers when they receive a reply via Keeping.

When you reply to your customers with Keeping, it will always originate from the shared email address and name you provide here. This is usually the email address where you already receive emails from your customers. It might start with something like help@ or support@.

Connect Your Mailbox

Choose how to connect your shared mailbox. If your shared mailbox is a Google Workspace or Gmail account, choose Sign in with Google. Otherwise, you may use forwarding to connect your shared mailbox to Keeping.

There are two ways to connect a shared mailbox to Keeping. See below for more information on which option to choose.

When to Use "Sign In With Google"

If your shared mailbox has a dedicated Gmail or Google Workspace email address that you can log into, choose "Sign in with Google" to give Keeping direct access to your mailbox. Use email forwarding (below) if your shared mailbox is a Google Group or Gmail Alias.

Good to know: Keeping is SOC 2 Type II certified. Security and safety are at the core of everything we do. We publish our security policies and procedures so that you can see how we protect your data.

When to Use Email Forwarding

If your shared mailbox is a Google Group or Gmail Alias, then you'll need to use Gmail's Email Forwarding feature to connect it to Keeping. You can also use this option for any email account if you are unable to successfully use "Sign in with Google."

See our guides below on how to connect depending on if you are connecting a Google Group, Gmail Alias, or regular mailbox.

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