Keeping and your customer

Understand what your customer sees when you use Keeping and how it's different from other help desks.

What does my customer see?

All messages sent from Keeping to your customer look like a regular email sent from your support mailbox.

Keeping never shows your customer a ticket id, "powered by" text, or any other information that indicates they are using a help desk.

Here's an example of what Keeping looks like to your customer. Any reply from your agents to your customer will come from your shared mailbox address. If you've setup Keeping using forwarding, Keeping sends an email on your behalf (see more on using Keeping with a custom domain).

What do my agents see?

Your agents have a slightly different view of Keeping support tickets. In the subject line, you'll see a 10 digit ticket ID. And in the footer of the support ticket you'll see the email address of your customer, who they may have cc:ed, and which mailbox they sent their message to.

When your agent replies to a ticket, this information is removed before it reaches your customer.

Who gets the reply to a support ticket?

By default, when you reply to a message Keeping emails your customer along with anyone else they may have included on the cc: or to: line of their email to you. In effect, when your agent replies to a support ticket in Keeping, it is a "Reply All".

Good to know: You cannot change or edit the list recipients to a support ticket. Create a new ticket if you'd like to change the recipient list to a customer.

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