Editing ticket recipients

How to change the recipients of a support ticket.

How do you change the recipients of a ticket?

When a new ticket arrives into your shared mailbox, it will retain the recipient list on the original email. To edit the original list of recipients, click into the email address field in Gmail while composing your reply.

You can add or change the list of cc'ed recipients here as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this change the recipients for all agents?

Yes, when you change the recipients for a support ticket it's changed for all of your agents as soon as you click "Update" in the Edit Recipients dialog. Note that even if you discard your message, the recipient list will remain changed.

Can I Bcc additional recipients?

Yes, you can Bcc up to 20 additional recipients when replying to a Keeping ticket. Keep in mind that unlike a cc'ed address, Bcc's only exist for that single reply. If a Bcc'ed recipient replies, Keeping will create a new ticket for them and their reply will NOT be shared on the original conversation.

What happens if my customer removes a cc'ed address when they reply?

If your customer replies to your support ticket and does not include a cc'd recipient in their reply, their reply will not be delivered to the cc'd recipient. However, this does not remove missing cc'd recipient from Keeping's recipient list. Unless you edit the list of recipients to remove the cc'd recipient, any subsequent replies will continue to go to the cc'd recipient.

What happens if my customer adds a cc'd address when they reply?

If your customer adds a new recipient to a reply to a support message, Keeping will add that name and email to the list of recipients. If you don't want your reply to go to the newly added member, then you can delete it prior to your reply.

What happens if I reply to an old message in a thread of messages where the recipient list has changed?

Keeping does not preserve the original lists of recipients for old messages. So any reply to an old message will always go to the latest list of recipients.

How can I tell when a recipient list has changed?

You can view the Activity Log for a ticket to see who changed a tickets recipient info as well as the email address of the prior recipients.

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