Admin & agent roles

Understand the difference between the various roles inside Keeping.

What are agent roles?

In Keeping, every user is called an "agent." You may also provide admin privileges to an agent if you'd like them to help administer your account. There can only be one billing admin, and its usually the same account you used when you signed up for Keeping.

FeatureAgentAdminBilling Admin

Respond to tickets

Assign tickets

Edit Workflows

Manage Knowledge Base

Manage users

Manage mailboxes

Access reports

Edit Integrations

Cancel billing

Update credit card

Billing Admin

There can only be one billing admin for an organization. In addition to the roles of an Admin (below), the Billing Admin can also change the paid subscription for the organization, pause a subscription, or cancel the account (accessed on the account page of Keeping's settings). Please contact if you would like to move your billing admin to a different account within your organization.

Please note that you cannot remove or delete a Billing Admin from your organization.


Admin Agents can perform all the roles of an Agent, as well as add or remove mailboxes or other agents. Admins can also access reports and integrations for the organization.


An agent can access and update the Knowledge Base for an organization, as well as respond to, assign, create, and open or close support tickets.

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