Using tags

Understand how to use tags in Keeping to organize your support tickets.

What are tags?

Use tags in Keeping for an easy way to add context to a ticket or keep track of certain topics in your mailbox. In Keeping, tags are independent from Gmail's own label system.

Heads up! Only agents with the admin role can create, edit, and manage tags. Once created, any role can assign a tag to a ticket.

Creating Tags

Before you can assign a tag to a Keeping ticket, you'll need to create it in your Keeping settings. Visit your preferences page and then click on the "Add new tag" button in the upper right.

Users with the admin role can also quickly access this page from the Keeping sidebar via the "edit" link next to the tag dropdown in Gmail.

Choose a color and name for the tag - we recommend something short (less than 15 characters).

Editing and Deleting Tags

On the preferences page, click the pencil icon to edit a tag. Use the trash can icon to delete it permanently.

Heads up! Deleting a tag is permanent and cannot be undone.

Assigning a Tag

When viewing a ticket in Gmail or the Web Portal, you can assign one or more tags using the dropdown. You can remove a tag by hovering over the tag name and clicking the small "x" that appears.

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