Customizing the CSAT widget

Learn how to customize the CSAT widget.

Keeping comes with 5 CSAT widgets that have been specially designed to work with most email systems. However, you may customize your own widget if you prefer your own design.

Which CSAT widgets may I choose from?

Customizing the CSAT widget

It's usually easiest to start with an existing CSAT widget as a template, and then make your edits from there. If you like, you can edit the HTML by clicking the <> button to see the underlying source code of the widget.

Adding images or external URLs here may get stripped out by some email clients. We recommend using email-safe HTML only.

Special HTML attributes

If you are creating your own HTML widget, you'll need to include special href attributes in your links so Keeping can replace them to generate your rating links. For example, a link for a great rating would look like this:

<a href="{{ ratings.great }}">Great</a>

Here are the attributes to use for the three ratings:

<a href="{{ ratings.great }}"> your text here </a> 
<a href="{{ ratings.okay }}"> your text here </a>
<a href="{{ ratings.bad }}"> your text here </a>

Or, simply include a link if you'd prefer your customers to rate you on the next step.

<a href="{{ ratings.url }}"> How did I do? </a>

Keep in mind that you must surround your href value with quotes, like this:

<p><br><a href="{{ ratings.great }}"><strong>Great</strong></a> </p>

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