What are CSAT Ratings?

Learn how to use Satisfaction Ratings (CSAT) to better understand how your customers feel about your email interactions.

A customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is a metric that measures how satisfied customers are with a company's product or service. With Keeping, you can use the Satisfaction Ratings feature to let your customers rate how your team responded to their question or query.

Businesses can use CSAT scores to improve customer experience, increase revenue, and inspire brand loyalty. For example, CSAT scores can help brands understand how well they are delivering exceptional customer service that keep customers coming back.

The CSAT feature is currently in early access while we refine it. Please email support@keeping.com if you'd like to join the early access program.

Once enabled for a mailbox, Keeping will automatically include a snippet of text with 3 links allowing your customers to rate the interactions as great, ok, or bad. The snippet will come immediately after your agents' replies.

You can customize the text and how the CSAT widget appears in email.

Once a rating is clicked on, your customer will be taken to a page where they can provide a longer comment, if they like. This is an optional step for your customer, and Keeping records their initial vote regardless of whether they provide more information here.

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